merino wool quality

merino wool quality

How can I know if merino wool products are of high quality?

Merino wool is an exclusive and special natural product with many unique properties, which also has its price. But merino wool is not equal to merino wool. Or, to put it another way: Not everywhere where merino wool is written on it, there is also a lot of merino wool in it. Therefore, there are high fluctuations in quality.

Feature 1 - Merino wool percentage

Merino wool is becoming more and more popular, which is why merino wool products are increasingly being advertised. But beware! Not every merino wool t-shirt or merino wool sweater is also made entirely of merino wool. A glance at the label often reveals that only a small part of the outstanding material has been processed. The fabric is then often processed with much cheaper and synthetic fibres such as polyester, elastane or viscose.

Feature 2 - The fibre thickness

There are also differences in quality with regard to merino wool, depending on the fibre thickness of the wool used.

A distinction is made between the following quality levels:

“ultrafine: maximum 16.9 micron
“superfine: 17 to 18.9 microns 
“fine”: 19 to 21.9 micron 
“medium”: 22 to 23.9 micron 
“strong”: 24 to 25.9 micron 

The human scratch limit is about 25 to 30 microns. We at prosa only use “superfine” merino wool for T-shirts and “fine” for pullovers with about 19.5 microns. A decisive factor for the unique wearing comfort of our products.

Feature 3 - Price

Merino wool has its price, because it is a natural product that only grows slowly and also needs optimal conditions during the growing phases. Just as the price increases with the quality of the wool, so do the processing costs.

At prosa we take care that our wool is produced and processed sustainably and under perfect conditions. 

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