Absolutely natural, sustainable and outstandingly unique

Merino wool is an absolutely natural raw material that grows purely organically and is completely biodegradable. The growth of natural fibres depends solely on fresh water, clean air, plenty of sunshine and nutritious grass. The processing and production of merino wool is very resource-saving and therefore sustainable. The shearing process is absolutely manual and completely painless for the sheep. 

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Hand in hand - functionality and versatility

Due to the outstanding abilities of merino wool, Prosa merino clothing is a companion for every time of day and every situation. The fact that it feels so incredibly pleasant on the skin is not limited to any field of application, but lies entirely with you. Every day, all week, whether at home, during an endless meeting, on the way to work, while hiking or bouldering, on your next adventure trip or relaxing in the bar. No matter when and where, Prosa merino clothing always offers you the same comfort and a lot of refined features that save a lot of time and are guaranteed to be useful.


prosas superfine merinowlle has the anti-mulesing certificate

In sheep farming, too, tortures of unprecedented proportions exist and merino sheep are particularly affected, especially in Australia. We are talking about mulesing. This procedure removes the skin around the tail of young lambs without anaesthetic.

We only use suppliers who do not support this procedure and have the „Anti-Mulesing“certificate.

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The merino fibres ensure excellent climate management: under warm conditions, the wool cools thanks to its high breathability and thus makes a significant contribution to moisture regulation. Under cold conditions, the wool fibres heat thanks to their finely crimped structure and bind insulating air. In this way, merino wool warms at low temperatures and has a cooling effect at high temperatures.


Teeth chattering and goose bumps. We freeze in airy heights or simply in freezing cold, as long as we are not well insulated from this cold. Merino wool provides excellent insulation against cold and heat. Due to their curly structure, the super-fine merino fibres can contain up to 85% of their total volume of insulating air in the fabric. The enclosed air protects you from any weather.

Prosa keeps you warm

Our body constantly releases heat and heats the air surrounding it. Merino fibres trap this warm air so that it does not disappear into the environment. Similar to a microscopic variant of the onion principle, merino fibres hold the heat to the body. It is astonishing that merino wool retains its warming properties even in wet conditions. 

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Prosa cools you down

Merino wool fibres have the property of absorbing moisture, they are hygroscopic. The moisture is absorbed by the wool and thus transported away from the body. The moisture evaporates in the tissue. It is released into the environment, similar to the process of sweating, resulting in evaporation cold. You’re getting cold. 

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Whether hiking, jogging, in stressful situations, at work or when it’s just really hot, we sweat. Prose merino wool products can help. Merino wool supports the body’s thermoregulation and cools you down. Merino wool is hydrophobic, i. e. moisture-repellent, and can still absorb up to 35 percent of its weight in the form of moisture. Without you being able to feel it.

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ProsA protects you and your friends from unpleasant smells

Over several days, even when sweating heavily, merino wool prevents the development of annoying odours. No magic, but in a completely natural way. Lanolin wool wax creates an antibacterial microclimate by transporting moisture away from the body. This prevents condensation of sweat in the first place. 

Keratin, the protein from which the merino fibres are made, destroys odor-forming bacteria and cleans the tissue by itself. The fibrous protein consists of two different cell types. These absorb different amounts of moisture and therefore expand to varying degrees. This leads to a friction process, a quasi mechanical self-cleaning of the fiber.

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Prosa is super soft and absolutely scratch-free, as we only use the highest quality merino fibres for our products. These belong to the quality class „superfine“, they have a diameter of 17.5 (superfine) – 19 (fine) microns. One micron corresponds to one thousandth of a millimeter. Much too fine to scratch. 

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Ever seen a merino sheep with sunburn?

Merino wool has the property of absorbing UV radiation and thus keeping away from your skin. The fabric made of merino wool has a sun protection factor of 40+.  

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No fear of flying sparks at the campfire

Prose merino wool is flame-retardant. Unlike synthetic fibres, merino wool is flame-retardant and can withstand a heat of more than 550°. Therefore merino fabrics are also used as protective clothing. If merino wool is exposed to extreme heat and even ignites, the resulting flame will extinguish immediately after the heat source is removed.


No crackling

Everyone knows it, the crackling when putting on or taking off synthetic fibre clothing. Friction electricity between the synthetic fibres and the body leads to an electrical discharge of several thousand volts. The current intensity of this discharge is too low to cause any health damage, but this is an underestimated burden on our body from electrosmog. Merino wool is absolutely antistatic and protects you from electric charge.


The unique structure of the merino fibre gives it a self-cleaning quality, so you don’t have to wash your prose merino clothes so often. This can be an enormous advantage, especially when travelling: Less luggage, less money, as well as less washing. However, every piece of clothing should occasionally be given a wash.



Prose garments can be easily washed at 30° in the washing machine (please do not use fabric softener). If you want to do something good for your merino clothes, use a wool detergent or, if you are on the move, simply use a hair shampoo.

Your prose pieces do not need a dryer, because the high breathability of merino wool lets every garment dry very quickly. The natural elasticity of the superfine merino fibres prevents wrinkle formation, making ironing absolutely unnecessary.

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